Are you thinking of selling your home?

Here’s some of our top tips from us here at Murtagh Bros to help make your property more valuable and sell faster!

Declutter – but don’t depersonalise – You can do so by removing excess stuff that has accumulated! Buyers want to be able to envisage themselves living there, removing clutter helps show them all the fantastic living space available!

And remember, people sometimes tend to buy into a lifestyle just as much as the actual house, don’t be afraid to show them what your best lifestyle looks like!

A fresh lick of paint – Neutral colors help to make your home feel brighter and spacious

Fix and clean– fix any repairs necessary, home owners will want to move in without having to fix anything major

Tidy up your garden– Making it easier for people to visualise themselves in the garden.


Light and Airy– Mirrors can help small rooms appear bigger and lighter.

Having good lighting can make the room feel light and airy, creating a nice atmosphere.

Make it appear pretty – curtains or blinds add a nice touch to a home, plants and flowers bring color to a room and add a nice fragrance.

Pets – sometime man’s best friend, might not necessarily be a home owners best friend, make sure to be conscious that many home buyers can fear dogs! You want potential buyers to feel comfortable when viewing your house!

Last tip, which is the most important one, when selling your property, make sure you choose a reliable agency, fully committed to serving the needs to their clients and customers

– This is where we come in!

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